The Most Simple SignalR application

Download the ZIP containing the solution here! => The Most Simple SignalR App!

Hey boy, if you want to create a SignalR and you’re like me, you will appreciate this. A .zip file containing a SUPER BASIC ASP.NET application and a Console Client that uses SignalR and one Hub to retrieve a fixed list invoking a remote method 🙂

KEEP INTO ACCOUNT that the URL that you use to create the connection matters! This simple solution uses IIS Express, that has to be configured accordingly. You will have to go to this file


Open it and  under the <sites> tag you should see something list this:

bindingInformation contains the expression that will determine which URLs are accepted to connect to the service.

As you see, it says “localhost”. This means that you will connect to the service using a URL like http://localhost:1444/

NOTICE that it will fail if you use your actual private IP address! So if your client tries to connect using  the connection will be rejected and an exception will be thrown.


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