Introducing VisualDesigner, my library for developing visual designers in .NET

Hi friends! I’m developing a personal project just for fun. Its goal is to serve as a starting point to make any visual designer with the best user interaction possible. Drag operations, resize, grouping, snapping, copy&paste…

The code is really abstract, decoupled and following the best software engineering principles I know to make it pure Clean Code. In fact, I have made a big effort to include almost all the code in a Portable Class Library (PCL).

For the moment, it supports basic drag (move), resize, multi-selection and SNAPPING!

I hope you go there and try it. I think it’s really interesting. The main application is WPF demo application, but the main functionality is almost totally platform-agnostic.

The project site in GitHub is this:

Feel free to collaborate or suggest anything. Maybe we can learn a lot sharing thoughts or even code 🙂


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