Oh God, SignalR is making my life better!

I discovered a world of possibilities. Asynchronous operations all around, clients for every Windows platform and even for websites. This is going to be really funny Open-mouthed smile

My new personal project is a system to control orders in a restaurant. The waiters make orders than consist of several products.

This is the client for the Kitchen:

  • The left part is where the orders are shown sorted by time elapsed since they were ordered.
  • The right part is lists every product.


This is the other client, for waiters. It has a very very basic interface with a huge button that creates a sample order (actually, a blank order).


Another component is the maintenance tool, that is used to enter new waiters, products, tables…


I’m learning a lot with this and I’m covering 3 different frameworks here!

  • Windows 8 (8.1)
  • Windows Phone 8
  • Windows Desktop (WPF)

I’m excited about sharing what I’m doing, snippets, code and my mistakes (and how you don’t have to make them!)  Winking smile

As I always say, the best way to learn is facing it and take it from the horns.

Herculean programming!!

(Great game this Mutant Fighter, from Data East!)


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