SignalR + Reactive Extensions?

Juan María (@gulnor) tipped me this morning that the scenario might be appropriate for Reactive Extensions. Another noticeable lack of knowledge in my experience!

How to handle such a big amount of complex things to learn? I have looked for more info but I found some great breakers out there: samples for V1, samples using Visual Basic, downloads that have a incomplete set of files (therefore, not working solutions)…

Luckily enough, I have found somebody that appears to know a lot on this topic: Jim Wooley (@jimwooley). I hope he is going to give me some help with the intricacies of this strange adventure 🙂

Stick around!


2 thoughts on “SignalR + Reactive Extensions?

  1. Jim Wooley (@jimwooley)

    Don’t let my demos in VB hold you back. I’m happy to help show you how to translate something if you want. I find taking the effort to do the translation often helps to understand what’s happening more than just reading the code.


    1. Súper JMN

      Thanks a lot for your comment, Jim! I’m trying to get it going and it seems I’m making some progress. I have an old problem, thought. Imagine that a client want to return a list of “orders” and other client insert a new order while the list is being retrieved (asynchronously). How should I handle it? Should the HubProxy hold any insert while it’s returning the list? Thanks!



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