ASP.NET adventure SignalR (Part 2)

Now that I have a running application that is, actually, a website based on MVC, I feel something strange. I wanted something like a classic web service, but instead, I got a bunch of pages, controllers and some generic classes to setup SignalR Confused smile

Is that necessary? I think I’m taking my eye off my goal! I didn’t even want a website.

Hopefully somebody will help me. What would I do without Internet and my friends on Twitter, LinkedIn, Skype… ??

Just to keep myself on track:

From the beginning I tried to make a “hello world”-like application. Something to get me into the business. To be more specific, I thought of an (very simple, of course) application that consist of about a server a clients (pretty common!)

  • The server accepts a number of clients.
  • After a client is connected, the server keeps sending a text message every t seconds. For example, every 5 seconds, it sends a message “Hi, client n”.
  • When the client receives the message, it should just show it on the screen.

To make it even better, I thought of making a Windows Phone 8 client.

What should I do, starting from the latest post on the matter, in order to get both server an client?

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