Successfully applied Uncle Bob’s lessons

sticker,375x360I was absolutely tired of repeating myself when making the same calculations for both X and Y, Width, and Height. So, I contacted Robert C. Martin and got the answer a few months ago. At that moment, I felt almost the same as when I solved a difficult equation. And now I have put it to work, and POCOOOCK! It shouted like a little puppy.


I still don’t like to pass 3 arguments to a  method, although it’s private. Fine cinnamon ;D

public class MarginBasedScalingStrategy : ScalingStrategy

        public MarginBasedScalingStrategy(FrameworkElement element) : base(element) { }

        public override void ApplyDeltaHorizontal(double delta)
            Element.Margin = ApplyDeltaToThickness(delta, Element.Margin, Hook);

        public override void ApplyDeltaVertical(double delta)
            Element.Margin = ApplyDeltaToThickness(delta, Element.Margin.Swap(), Hook.Swap()).Swap();

        private Thickness ApplyDeltaToThickness(double delta, Thickness originalMargin, Point hookPoint)
            var left = originalMargin.Left;
            var right = originalMargin.Right;

            var finalLeft = left + (delta * hookPoint.X);
            var finalRight = right + (delta * (1 - hookPoint.X));

            return new Thickness(finalLeft, 0, finalRight, 0);

Go, go, go!

Quercus Rotundifolia Empowered Code®


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