The Insufficiency of SCRUM

A great post I’ve found that it’s worth reading.

Pretty clarifying, uh?

If that is not clear enough, read John Sonmez’s thoughts on Agile and Scrum in his fantastic article “Where is Agile now?”

When a methodology that is presumably agile turns clunky.

Developing  under SCRUM often reminds me of a game call World Of Goo when you build a tower of elastic creatures: The Goos.

At the very beginning, everything is agile and quick, putting Goos at the base like mad, barely thinking if they’re located in the right place. It seems it’s not very important while they give some support on the ground.


When the towers is getting some height, it starts swaying from one side to the other. Placing Goos is more difficult each time. You’ve got to thinking it twice before you put the next one.


That crazy pace starts to slow down to crawl and the most of time it’s spent trying to fix the structure to make it more stable.


But, normally, it’s too late. Wind blows the tower, and its structure is lacking robustness. Eventually, sometimes without touching anything, the tower collapses on its base and bends over itself. It falls through spectacularly.


Tower fucked up. Oh boy!

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