Databinding to Structs

Well, this is going to be rude: Binding to struct types can be a tricky. You will absolutely love when the UI just ignores every change. It refuses to update and eventually you’ll get mad about this, wondering why those nice bindings to Paddings or Margins are ignored. It’s kind of frustrating.

This boils down the nature of structs. They are value types and they’re taken as a whole by the dependency property mechanism.

When you define a DP that carries a struct, any binding to a child attribute that composes that struct reflects the actual value of that member, but ONLY when the struct is replaced by another “instance” of the struct (another value). Changing its attributes will not notify any change (Property Changed callbacks won’t be called).

For instance, you have a DP with a Point and a binding link this:

Text=”{Binding Path=MyPoint.X}”

Suppose that the X value of the struct is modified the some other binding (or whatever). You may expect the Text to reflect the X value anytime it is changed, but no way! WPF will blow you off, sticking out its long and complex tongue.

This is (not easily) solved replacing the value of the struct whenever you want the change to be reflected in the UI. “What? you mean that I have to care about changes in every member of the struct in order to have the bindings fresh like my cotton underwear”. Yes, that’s it!

Pretty annoying! but this is the price you have to pay for using those cute simplistic and handy structs!

Don’t forget it. Never! You sweated too much because of this Sonrisa! I hope you finally understood, Suppa JMN!

Y todo esto para tirarme el pegote de escribir en Inglés, ¡copón! Bueno, también es verdad que si algún lobo de mar angloparlante viene a mi blog por alguna casualidad de la vida, quizá le guste entender algo, ¿no?


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